Things that influence my personal worldview essay

In fact, many small people in various small places do different small things that can alter the face of the world. I am one of them, trying to help others because I am persuaded that the good that one does to others will inevitably come back to them. Serving people may be a challenge, but it has always been something that really makes me feel good inside.

Destiny Animism The question of origins is not addressed.

Transforming the Lives of Others in the Book The Power of Serving Others

There is no concept of a Creator, only good and bad spirits whose favor must be bought, earned or manipulated. Power or energy needed in life must be protected and may be stolen. Evil spirits must be appeased or used against others through rituals, sacrifices, or curses.

Some have greater capacity to coerce the spirits to do their bidding shamans, witch doctors There is a fixed amount of goods and energy.

For one person to gain, another has to lose. If one wants to be less poor or more rich, one must take from others or through the spiritual world cause the transfer from one to another. Hexes and curses are for this purpose. Human souls enter the spirit world at death where they will have influence over the physical world and are to be feared.

Hindu Life is believed to be cyclic so the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction has no beginning. You receive what you deserve Karma. There is no point in expecting improvement of one's lot in life fatalism Repeated cycles of births and deaths. Jewish God created out of love and desire for covenant relationship with humankind and creation.

Creation is good though God's purposes are resisted i.

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The Messiah will come. Obedience to the Law is the best practice until the Messiah comes. The Messiah will redeem the earth, the believing soul will be purged of its blemishes.

Christian God created out of love and desire for covenant relationship with humankind and creation.

Things that influence my personal worldview essay

Creation is good and life is valuable. God's purposes however are often resisted i. God nevertheless redeems sinners through the Cross of Christ.

Things that influence my personal worldview essay

Highest good is to become Christlike in character. Christ's followers love and sacrifice for good, the weak and those wounded by evil.

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Those following Christ become like Him in eternity. Those rejecting Him experience a Christless eternity without God. Survival of the fittest. No reason to have compassion on the weak.The question is where do these opinions come from and how come we all have such different ideas on things in our world.

These opinions come from our own personal worldview. A worldview is a person’s perspective of the world today and this can influence decisions in life. Worldview Essay. Home \ Free Essay Sample Papers \ an examination of the major influences to my worldview; and an analysis and evaluation of the “type” of thinker I am as a result of my world view.

Eventually, my worldview does not influence or limit on the ability to think and make decisions objectively and fairly, live with an. My personal worldview has likewise been shaped by my personal experiences, and continues to change as I encounter new ideas and ways of viewing the nature of reality.

My family has been the primary force in the development of my worldviews because of the massive influence that they have had in my life. According to Futrell (), one of the major influences to a person’s worldview are the parents or close relatives.

I want you to think about the people who have been leaders in your life. One of the interesting things about the people who lead us, whether they are good leaders, poor leaders, or indifferent leaders is the fact we learn from all of them.

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