The influence of my grandmother in my life

The truth is, no matter how singled out or overwhelmed we feel, and no matter what area we are struggling in, we are not alone. More than half of U. All of us have moments of utter despair.

The influence of my grandmother in my life

Classically trained in ballet, modern, and jazz dance, it was during high school that Mansi switched gears and decided to pursue acting, declining a dance scholarship in New York to remain on the West Coast where she could pursue her newfound passion.

Promising her parents that she would attend college while following her dream, she enrolled at Pepperdine University in Malibu where she studied film and public relations. Much like her onscreen alter ego Abigail, Kate is devoted to her family and friends whom she relies on to stay grounded while navigating the ever-changing world of daytime TV.

Kate has also maintained close friendships with eight of her best gal pals from High School, whom she also considers family. Accompanying the petite actress on all of her adventures is another petite little lady, Leighla May, her beloved pup and best friend. She met Leighla May while at Pepperdine and it was love at first sight, even though she had always been drawn to larger dogs like her Labrador Annie, who was too large to live with Kate while she was in college.

The two have a tight bond which was made even stronger when Leighla May was kidnapped from the Hollywood Hills home they were living in. Although he is a surfer and she is not a fan of surf and sand, the two complement each other perfectly, sharing the same core values and of course, a love of dogs.

We recently had a chance to spend the day with Kate and Leighla May who were accompanied by her devoted dad Jeff. Thanks to her wonderful publicist, Ashton Lunceford from Platform PR, we secured one of the most beautiful locations for our photo shoot and subsequent interview at the private Cielo Winery in Malibu.

The influence of my grandmother in my life

Kate is not only beautiful and talented, she is one of the most down-to-earth actresses we have met and a true joy to be around. We spent the day talking about everything from dogs and family to values and the challenges of being on one of the longest-running daytime shows.

Following the shoot we all headed down the mountain to enjoy a glass of wine and continue our conversation. It was such a pleasure to get to know Kate and her father, who is one of the coolest dads and nicest guys we have encountered. There is such a mutual respect and adoration between the two that it is hard not to be inspired and, after meeting Jeff, it is easy to see where Kate gets her charm and positive outlook on LIFE.

How did you get into acting? Did you always know you wanted to act? I always knew I wanted to be in the entertainment industry but I sort of stumbled into acting accidentally. My goal was to be a dancer on Broadway.

I never had any experience with acting until my high school theatre teacher Bill Garrett encouraged me to audition for the fall play my senior year. I did so to get the extra credit but ended up booking the lead role. That process was the first time I discovered the world of acting, and it changed my life.My Grandmother Essay Examples.

13 total results. The Creative Writing, My Grandmother. words. 1 page. The Contributions of My Grandma to Her Community. words. The Importance and Special Impact of My Grandmother on My Life.

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My mother was an amazing woman. I find it difficult to say what she means to me in just a few sentences. Even though she has left the physical world a day doesn’t go by where a thought of her doesn’t linger in mind: her words of wisdom and her unwavering love . My older brother is estranged from the family.

To sum up a long story, he moved to Portland, Oregon with his then-fiancée in the fall of (our family is from, and still lives on the east coast). Kaitlin Prest’s audio drama about romance is cringey but touching, while Angela Carter’s grim fairytales get a fantastic radio treatment.

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