Reflection plp

The Personal Learning Plan:

Reflection plp

But she has a nagging worry. She really valued the support and direction that she received from Myles, her line manager during her probation. He had set clear goals and targets, and had given her regular feedback. Myles has made it clear that, while his door is always open, he expects Gracey to make her own way now.

Apply a "Growth" Mindset Reflection plp her book, Mindset: However, people with a growth mindset believe that intelligence and talent are just the starting point, and that success comes through attitude, effort and learning. And you can prepare yourself by working to understand your development needs.

This involves a process of self-reflection and self-auditinga willingness to be open and curious about your strengths and weaknesses, and a commitment to improving your personal situation and working life.

For example, performing a personal SWOT analysis can be very helpful in assessing your strengths for example, clear communication and weaknesses say, handling pressure poorly. It can also help you to identify any opportunities such as networking eventsand possible threats Reflection plp changes that might be on the horizon.

Cultivating a growth mindset is also about recognizing that you need to take ownership of your own career progression, whether or not your organization supports a learning culture.

You will need to assess: Are they adequate for your present role? It may be useful to revisit your job description to clarify your key responsibilities.

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Ask yourself, Reflection plp, what you could you be doing better. This may sound counterintuitive, but look back, too. Are there skills you have used in the past that could help you now?

Are those skills a bit rusty, or are your working practices out of date? What skills or knowledge gaps do you need to bridge? It may be helpful to test yourself with some self-assessment quizzesor to sound out someone you trust perhaps a mentor for some honest feedback. Think about how you compare with your peers in terms of knowledge, skills, experience, attitude, and behavior.

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What does your team need that you would like to offer? Put yourself into the shoes of a customer, colleague or supplier. What would he or she want you to know, or to be able to do?

If you want a "bigger picture" approach, you can use a PEST Analysis to identify structural opportunities such as new funding streams and threats for example, deregulation and more intense competition in your business environment.

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This is where a personal learning plan PLP can really help. A PLP is a tool commonly used in schools and colleges to help students to focus their learning, achieve targets such as exam revisionand consider their wider learning objectives.

But it can also be very effective in the workplace. PLPs are an important and popular feature of the Mind Tools website, as you can see, here. You can add and remove resources as and when you need them, to create your own training program.

What you prioritize within your PLP will vary depending on your needs and aspirations. Your PLP could include: An "I want to learn x…" learning goal.

For example, "to become confident in my public presentation and speaking skills," or "to write clearer and more concise emails. This could mean watching Mind Tools videos, signing up for speaking skills training, or taking part in amateur dramatics, for instance. This could be achieving positive feedback on a presentation.

A time-based target date, deadline or schedule. This could be your ultimate learning and development goal or mission statementor it could be stages along the way. For example, "I will learn x new skill by August, and then focus on developing y by the end of the year.

While this is happening, you can continue to seek out the training resources you need to move your career along. Following this and other golden rules of goal setting can help you to stay focused and increase your chances of success.

Reflection plp

For example, if you want to be a senior manager within five years, ask yourself what steps you need to take, such as gaining formal management or team leading qualifications.

When you evaluate the skills that you need to make progress in your career, remember to include important — but quite general — career skills, such as team management.On reflection, she has taken a challenge she has had for a while and has now learned new skills so she can independently write her assignments.

Professional leadership & certified career development training for career practitioners. About Dragon 9; About Denise; Training schedule; Online registration; Modules; Policies & Information. Procedures for PLP Self-Reflection Tool. LEA Level Self-Reflection.

Complete the LEA Self-Reflection prior to beginning the review process. The PLP Coordinator, Assistant Superintendent and/or Superintendent may find the questions helpful as they examine their entire PLP Process across the LEA.

Evidence and Reflection. Once your students have set their goals that contain the elements of autonomy, purpose and mastery; evidence and reflection will keep the students and their goals on track.

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