Overcoming adversity in the workplace essay

How to find your way through devastating loss. A practical guide to recovery Hone, L. This book is a guide to living with intense grief and finding your way through, without letting grief take over.

Overcoming adversity in the workplace essay

February 6, 2 Comments Why every leader needs a personal credo A credo is a statement of personal belief. In a world of competing perspectives, we each represent something distinct that is born from our values and communicated through our actions.

Over time, our decisions can drift away from what we believe. A credo externalizes our innermost thoughts in a way that readily translates to the types of decisions we face every day. This crystallized representation of our principles acts as a compass in our noisy world, helping us align our actions with our beliefs.

Drucker The responsibility of leadership is often the hard Overcoming adversity in the workplace essay of balancing priorities.

This imperfect process is one of the most human business experiences that exist. This fine line of moral-based decision making is as crucial as anything a leader will face, and it often arrives without warning.

Another critical balancing act occurs when internal competition challenges a sense of workplace fairness. Once again, no guide or list of rules can encompass every instance of workplace injustice, and each instance is highly relevant for at least one employee.

It is simply impossible to excel at every decision, which is the lesson of humility in leadership. Overcoming adversity How do we respond when things do not go our way?

Can we face a significant loss and return to pursue progress with joy, or do we become cynical? Cynicism and bitterness are signals of a sinking ship; one that enterprising and productive friends and employees will eventually abandon.

Overcoming adversity is the single greatest test of leadership. In truth, winning is easy. Success breeds happiness, which attracts others and creates a virtuous cycle of productive engagement.

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Adversity enters and throws everything into question. That uncertainty is almost as lethal for a leader as bitterness, and the only way to reduce uncertainty is to accelerate our response to adversity. Every leader should cultivate an intimate and productive relationship with adversity.

We cannot wait for the test of failure to decide how we handle disappointment. When things do not go our way, we have to channel that energy into something powerful and positive—quickly.

Overcoming adversity in the workplace essay

In moments of success, we shine. In moments of defeat, we are defined. After all, the way we treat ourselves and others comes largely from within.

Overcoming adversity in the workplace essay

No groundbreaking business book or strong corporate culture defines our commitment to helping others like the power of our guiding principles. Leadership is about giving more than taking. We acquire things intentionally, through hard work and determination.

However, leaders give much more readily and unconsciously than they seek to gain, without measuring or seeking acknowledgement. Giving is inherent in leading because it demonstrates empathy and respect for others. It is a constant pursuit of improvement to become sharper, stronger, and wiser tomorrow.

Without that generosity of spirit, there is a risk of becoming dangerously self-focused. It has to be shared generously, given freely, and indiscriminately. Balancing priorities, overcoming adversity, and inspiring others are three indispensable traits of strong leaders that derive from personal values.

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