Marketing of landscape gardening essay

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Marketing of landscape gardening essay

Jan There were in fact over four hundred of them — little red books that is. Anyone interested in garden design and lay-out could read and learn. Instead he developed his love of sketching, botany and gardens.

He returned to England and tried his hand at all sorts of things — journalism, painting, play writing, even helping John Palmer in a venture to reform the mail-coach system.

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His long-suffering wife, by whom he had 4 children, must have watched in dismay as he flitted from one venture to the next, before deciding in that he wanted to combine his two hobbies -gardens and sketching — and to launch a business aimed at wealthy land-owners.

His first paid commission was at Catton Park in But whereas Brown saw the whole project through from start to finish — from design right through to completion of all works — Repton designed his gardens, with the aid of his soon-to-be-famous red books, and then left it to others to implement the ideas.

Clients loved the way they could visualize the schemes, by looking at the water-colours Repton produced to illustrate his proposals. RIBA British Architectural Libraryshowing the great man surveying the site with a theodolite, while men in the background are toiling to fill wheel-barrows.


The view of the lake, in a woodland setting, is typical Repton. Where Repton differed from Brown was his treatment of the area between the house and the garden. Brown had brought his sweeping landscapes right up to the front door: Repton put in flower beds and balustrades, terraces and formal walking areas.

At Blaise Castle near Bristol he quite artificially constructed a long and winding drive, in order to show off the magnificent gorge and fine vistas, rather than use the infinitely more practical but ever-so-dull access from the nearby main road.

He was then commissioned by the Duke of Bedford to work on Woburn Abbey, introducing themed areas such as a separate Chinese Garden, an American Garden and an arboretum.

These set the taste for others to follow.

Marketing of landscape gardening essay

Throughout the s Repton worked closely with the architect John Nash, the two joining forces to give clients a package of house-and-garden combined. But the two fell out and Repton had his nose further put out of joint when his designs for the Royal Pavilion in Brighton were turned down in favour of the John Nash proposals.

Repton published his first main treatise on garden design in with his Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening following it up with Observations on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening in and Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening That apart, he rarely worked in London, spending his time whizzing around the countryside in his carriage.

Well, he did until when the said carriage overturned, damaging his back and leaving him an invalid for the rest of his life, often confined to a wheel-chair. He died in and is buried at Aylsham.

It was clearly a great marketing tool!Landscaping is the most service-oriented business in horticulture.

Marketing of landscape gardening essay

Service industries are growing. Increases in consumer disposable income and discretionary buying power, an emphasis on leisure time, consumers having less time to “do it themselves” and an increased emphasis on family values are all positive points for promoting services.

Home | Articles | Marketing Plan for a Landscape Business to Target Residential Work Running a typical small to medium sized residential landscaping business is not easy. Running a bad one is harder, but running a profitable one is fun. Children and Nature Movement How a Movement Is Forming and How You Can Get Involved “A back-to-nature movement to reconnect children with the outdoors is burgeoning nationwide.”.

Landscaping Business Plan SWOT Analysis – Economic Analysis Before setting up a landscaping business, entrepreneurs should thoroughly investigate the industry and be certain that the location they intend starting their landscape business is ready for their service offerings.

Humphry Repton’s trade card, engraving from The Langley Park, Beckenham Red Book () (Source:RIBA British Architectural Library), showing the great man surveying the site with a theodolite, while men in the background are toiling to fill wheel-barrows.

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