Marketing of colgate tooth paste

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Marketing of colgate tooth paste

Jinal Shah- Serial Ideator Conceptualiser B2C Marketing Continuing with Colgategel toothpaste is the only other toothpaste category in India where Colgate does not have leadership, the first one being sensitive toothpaste category which we dealt with in the previous post.

The second biggest segment Rs 1, crore and the only one where Colgate significantly trails the leader Close-Up 60 per cent market share - The Hindu Business Line Both the brands are fighting it out pretty strongly on the social media space, especially Facebook.

Both are trying to talk to the youth, which I believe Colgate was forced to do since Closeup has always been a youth centric brand. But Closeup being the 1st gel toothpaste in India and the first one to talk to the youngsters, has got a head-start over Colgate.

Hence, it is better to target as yet untapped adults for Colgate Max Fresh. Colgate, on the other hand, has always been a family brand. So to carve a niche for itself, Colgate should show its maturity and family connect in its Max Fresh communication too.

On Social Media, the brand can talk to the youth since they are the most active on social networks. Fresh jokes radio show Another morning chore which is necessary but kills freshness is the daily commute to office and the traffic therein.

Tata Sky Education channel Create a demo video on how toothpaste results in freshness and the benefits of freshness.

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This is mainly to target the mothers who may use such a channel for teaching kids. Grocery Aisle Place Colgate Max Fresh toothpastes in the fresh fruits and vegetable aisles in the malls because we want to say- Colgate Max Fresh, switch on the power of freshness. Have the Colgate Max Fresh larger than life toothpaste tube jutting out from top of the hoarding with the toothpaste flowing down and place dry ice strategically such that it looks like there is cool fog emitting from the toothpaste.

The contest will be open only from 6am to 7am on D-Day. The run up to the D-day should contain useful content like constant tips to wake up early in the morning, to wake up fresh and bright and each tip should highlight Colgate Maxfresh benefit of freshness.

Since after meals, people want fresh breath, the brand message will be delivered at the right time and in the right context. If yes, then try Colgate Maxfresh for similar freshening effect. If no, then try Colgate Maxfresh for freshening up.

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These are some fresh ideas for Colgate Maxfresh. How do you like them?Sep 21,  · I used to get nasty aphthous ulcers which would last for a couple of weeks.

Moved over to a new toothpaste by Colgate, Sensitive Pro-relief which seems to have stopped my ulcers forming. Apply online for jobs at Colgate - Analytics Jobs, Customer Service Jobs, Logistics Jobs, Finance Jobs, Human Resources Jobs, Information Technology Jobs, Legal Jobs, Quality Jobs, Research & Development Jobs, Sales Jobs, Marketing Jobs and more.

The Colgate Palmolive Company, which is headquartered in New York, is known to be the biggest seller of toothpaste and a global leader in oral care Products. The company serves its product offering in over countries worldwide. It is marketing its products in more than countries and territories under some internationally recognized brand names as Colgate, Ajax, Palmolive, Softsoap, Some Hill's Science diet products.

Colgate Palmolive is leading product consumer product company focused on Oral care, Household care, Personal care and many more. Marketing strategy of Colgate – Colgate marketing strategy September 7, By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Marketing strategy articles One of the top brands of the world and the leading brand in Oral hygiene, Colgate is known for its dominance for the past few decades when it concerns tooth paste, tooth brush or even dental hygiene.

In this report, we will discuss about the marketing mix of Colgate’s toothpaste in Malaysia. Colgate Company is a top global maker .

Marketing of colgate tooth paste
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