Japan 100 year business plan

The official language in Japan is Japanese. Japanese is spoken only in Japan. The literacy rate in Japan is very close to percent and 95 percent of the Japanese population has a high school education.

Japan 100 year business plan

The Japanese regarded this sphere of influence as a political and economic necessity, preventing foreign states from strangling Japan by blocking its access to raw materials and crucial sea-lanes, as Japan possessed very few natural and mining resources of its own, although it imported large amounts of coal from KoreaManchukuoand some regions of occupied China.

Japan's large military force was regarded as essential to the empire's defense.

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Rapid growth and structural change characterized Japan's two periods of economic development since In the first period, the economy grew only moderately at first and relied heavily on traditional agriculture to finance modern industrial infrastructure. During World War IJapan used the absence of the war-torn European competitors on the world market to advance its economy, generating a trade surplus for the first time since the isolation in the Edo period.

Transportation and communications had developed to sustain heavy industrial development. Most industrial growth, however, was geared toward expanding the nation's military power. Beginning in with significant land seizures in China, and to a greater extent afterwhen annexations and invasions across Southeast Asia and the Pacific created the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Spherethe Japanese government sought to acquire and develop critical natural resources in order to secure economic independence.

Among the natural resources that Japan seized and developed were: Japan also purchased the rice production of ThailandBurma, and Cochinchina. During the early stages of Japan's expansion, the Japanese economy expanded considerably.

Steel production rose from 6, tonnes to 8, tonnes over the same time period. In Japanese aircraft industries had the capacity to manufacture 10, aircraft per year. Much of this economic expansion benefited the " zaibatsu ", large industrial conglomerates.

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Over the course of the Pacific Warthe economies of Japan and its occupied territories all suffered severely. Inflation was rampant; Japanese heavy industry, forced to devote nearly all its production to meeting military needs, was unable to meet the commercial requirements of Japan which had previously relied on trade with Western countries for their manufactured goods.

Development of nuclear program & policy 1950-2005 Tweet In June, the Japan Market Expansion Competition JMEC announced the winners of its 16th annual business plan challenge for aspiring entrepreneurs and executives, with 18 different nationalities among the 55 participants. This year, nine project clients received individual business plans for at a fraction of the market rate, prepared by teams under the mentorship of senior Tokyo-based businesspeople.
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Local industries were unable to produce at high enough levels to avoid severe shortfalls. Furthermore, maritime trade, upon which the Empire depended greatly, was sharply curtailed by damage to the Japanese merchant fleet over the course of the war.

japan 100 year business plan

By the end of the war, what remained of the Japanese Empire was wracked by shortages, inflation, and currency devaluation. Transport was nearly impossible, and industrial production in Japan's shattered cities ground to a halt.

The destruction wrought by the war eventually brought the Japanese economy to a virtual standstill. Japanese post-war economic miracle The war wiped out many of the gains which Japan had made since The people were shocked by the devastation and swung into action.

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