High oil pilferage

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High oil pilferage

Discovery[ edit ] Pakistan 's first gas field was found in the late in Balochistan near a giant Sui gas field. The Toot oil field was not discovered until the early s in the Punjab.

Pakistan Petroleum and Pakistan Oilfields explored and began drilling these field with Soviet help in and activity began in Toot during In the first well was drilled and commercial production started in At its peak duringthe field was producing approximately 2, barrel of oil per day.

It has grown steadily since then, producing both oil and, to a lesser degree, natural gas. Bythe Lower Sindh gas-fields were producing more oil than the Potohar Plateau. Since then, new deposits have also been found here.

Modern exploration[ edit ] Inthe Vancouver-based 'International Sovereign Energy' signed a memorandum of understanding with the Oil and Gas Development Company LimitedPakistan's national oil company, to develop the Toot field.

Oil and gas exploration companies signed a memorandum of agreement with the Oil and Gas Development Company LimitedPakistan's national oil company, in mid, to develop the Toot field in Punjab Province, near the capital city of Islamabad.

The company is also providing electricity to locals living around the residential camps of Toot oil field and the neighbouring Missa Keswaal oil field. Pakistan's gas fields are only expected to last for about another 20 years at the most due to heavy industrial usage. It is located near Sui in Balochistan.

The gas field was discovered in the late and the commercial exploitation of the field began in The operator of the field is Pakistan Petroleum Limited. History[ edit ] Coal was first discovered across Pakistan and the rest of South Asia in the s and was used by the British -owned railway companies under colonial rule.

Later, post-colonial Pakistan had used coal to fuel its industry from independence to the discovery of the Baluchistan 's Sui gas field in and the Toot oilfield in Environmentalists are now concerned that Pakistan has recently discovered 1 low and 4 low to medium quality coal seams in the Punjab and plans to re-fuel its economically important cement industry with it after their oil fields have run dry.

Low sulfur coal was recently reported to have been found at the Baluchistan near Quetta as well. There are reports that low a sulfur deposit has been found near Islamabad.

Sindh 's Thar desert lignite mines will also be expanded soon for industrial usage too. This Thar's mine is open-cut mine. These mines are relatively safer to mine from. While Baluchistan's mines are underground minesthese are dangerous to mine from.

According to one news paper the death toll rose up to 45, [12] though majority agree upon that it ranged from people. Special measures are being employed to reduce the resulting fly ashcarbon footprint and sulphur fume emission problems after it is burnt.

Types of coal found[ edit ] Bituminous coal is a relatively hard and less sulfurus coal containing a tar-like substance called bitumen and would be burnt largely on domestic fires after being turned into coke fuel. Sub-bituminous coal is a coal whose properties range from those of lignite to those of bituminous coal and is used primarily as fuel for steam-electric power generation.

High oil pilferage

It is set to fuel power stations and cement works in Pakistan. Lignite is a low-grade, sulfurous coal that is generally used in modified industrial furnaces to generate heat for boilers, coke oven heaters, brick kilns, etc.A shipping container is a container with strength suitable to withstand shipment, storage, and handling.

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Large-scale pilferage of pipeline oil was busted in west Delhi’s Uttam Nagar area following a joint operation by Delhi Police and Indian Oil Corporation officials. Jun 16,  · Pipeline oil pilferage racket busted in Delhi. Delhi Police have arrested three people in this case.

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High oil pilferage

Mumbai: With 30 fuel pumps across seven districts being found to be tampered with and dispensing less fuel than displayed, major oil companies have started taking confidence-building measures to reass.

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