Essay about traveling alone

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Essay about traveling alone

Travel with a companion vs. Some people like to travel Essay about traveling alone several friends. Other people, however, would prefer to travel alone. As far as I am concerned, traveling with my friends is better. For one thing, they can experience more freedom.

Although there may be one or more advantages to travel alone, I insist that traveling with friends is better. In the first place, the trip will become easy.

Traveling is not a very easy activity. For example, you need to find transportation, hotels and restaurants in new places. Several friends can share these tasks so that everyone has a chance to enjoy the journey.

In the second place, you can get help when you need. There will be many unexpected things that could happen during the journey. Such as, someone gets lost, gets sick, or cannot wake up early for the morning flight.

It is very tough for people to handle these situations by themselves especially when they travel to a new place. Friends can give you a hand to overcome all these difficulties. Everyone needs the help from others.

In addition, you can have more fun by travelling with friends. Enjoying the scenic spots is wonderful, while traveling on the road is boring. How to spend this boring time? Talking with friends, playing cards will help. It can enable us not only to accumulate our knowledge about history, culture, geography and local tradition, but also to edify our minds and spirits greatly.

However, upon the question, which is better, travelling alone or together with several friends, people seem to have different opinions. As far as I am concerned, I like to travel with friends. When travelling to other places, the most important thing for us to consider is safety. In china, many famous scenery spots with Buddhist temples or shrines are situated in deep mountains or remote areas.

Travelers sometimes have to go on a tiring and even dangerous road before they can arrive at these places: If a person travels with other, he may receive aids or lend a hand to his companion in time of needs.

Several years ago, I traveled with some other people to Wuyi Mountain, a famous scenery spot in Fujian Province. When climbing a high cliff, one of the people slipped, but he was grasped by hand almost instantaneously by a man at his side.

If he had traveled there alone, he would have fallen down the high cliff and injured himself. Another reason why I prefer to travel with others is that we can ease the felling of loneliness and nostalgia by talking with each other.

When traveling to far away and unfamiliar places, we may easily fall into a low spirit and have strong nostalgic feeling. There are numerous ancient Chinese literary works, poems, or essays etc, which describe such feeling on road. A man sat in an empty hub, facing a small lamp, seeing the dumping rain outside the window, etc.

But if at this time, the traveler had a companion to chat with him, his sad feeling would be much lessened.This is such a sweet story.

I’ve been wheeled into an operating room and while my feelings going into it were a little different from yours, I recognized all of them.

I think of dining out alone as a "treat" & don’t understand reading a book, rather than focusing on food & experience! Traveling Alone Or Traveling With Other Essay  Traveling alone or traveling with others Traveling will make people to gain more experiences of their life. The movement when we are traveling from one destination to another destination, it will let us to experienced something that are difference from what we had done before.

Essay about traveling alone

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