Computer aided instruction thesis questionnaire

Questionnaire Questionnaires are frequently used in quantitative marketing research and social research. They are a valuable method of collecting a wide range of information from a large number of individuals, often referred to as respondents. What is often referred to as "adequate questionnaire construction" is critical to the success of a survey. Inappropriate questions, incorrect ordering of questions, incorrect scaling, or a bad questionnaire format can make the survey results valueless, as they may not accurately reflect the views and opinions of the participants.

Computer aided instruction thesis questionnaire

Education reforms in recent years, have advocated for a student-centred method of teaching; a method that allows individualstudent towork at his own pace or in groups. The study employed pre-test, post-test non-equivalent control group, quasi-experimental design involving two groups: The instruments were validated, and found reliable via a pilot study before they were employed for the main study.

Datacollectedwere analysed using both the descriptive and inferential statistics to answer the research questions and to test the stated null hypotheses. Results showed a statistically significant difference in the post-test mean scores of the experimental and the control groups, whereas there was no statistally significant difference in the pre-test mean scores of these two groups.

In addition, the results revealed non- significant difference between the mean scores of girls and boys in the post-test.

Specifically, the knowledge in this study has added another dimension to everyday experiences of students in mathematics when the software was used to teach the perceived difficult topics, and they were actively involved in the learning process through the use of CAI techniques.

The study concludes with recommendations for future research, because even though it is limited to Ogun State, it has potential for future research to be undertaken by expanding its scope to cover many other states in Nigeria.

This study also recommends that efforts be made to integrate the philosophy of CAI to the teaching curriculum in Nigeiran secondary schools.

Computer aided instruction thesis questionnaire

Furthermore, applications of the recommendations would be appropriate for the improvement to the teaching methodology of mathematics and other science-related subjects in Nigerian secondary schools Citation:Rowan University Rowan Digital Works Theses and Dissertations Effect of computer assisted instruction on written expressive language of mildly mentally retarded.

the computer-assisted instruction as demonstrated by their responses on a nine item usefulness of CAI questionnaire. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Computer aided instruction thesis questionnaire Posted on 27 enero, 27 enero, by Alfonso Hermoso She reasons with us like we are committed adults and we take her advice seriously.

Rowan University Rowan Digital Works Theses and Dissertations Effect of computer assisted instruction on written expressive language of mildly mentally retarded. Computer Assisted Instruction, which is a self-learning material developed by the investigators after observation of mathematics classroom to understand the student’s ability, potential, grasping. To acquire a powerful idea of certain needs inside you within the thesis paper, it’s highly suggested to uncover a thesis paper in the truly different scientific scope, so .

effectiveness of computer assisted instruction in nursing education: an integrative review - m. joan belfry b. n., mcgill university, a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of.

Information stored in computer files was analyzed to assess proctor feedback accuracy in a Computer-Aided Personalized System of Instruction.

The effect of feedback on subsequent student responses to test questions also was assessed. The Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Instruction in Developmental Mathematics By Kathy Spradlin and Beth Ackerman Solely addressing the math.

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