Big airline companies try to buy small ones to own the industry

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Big airline companies try to buy small ones to own the industry

Business class, Airbus A Measured by international traffic, Emirates is now the largest airline in the world. This is also a good example of how aircraft type can make such a difference. Its upper deck A business class, on the other hand, is outstanding. Before departure, a flight attendant came down the aisle, introduced herself to each customer and making sure everybody was familiar with the various seat controls, including the electrically operated window shades.

Tonight it was eighteen. Emirates is the most global of global carriers, with a polyglot staff of expats, but I have to ask: The seats on the A are full-flat sleepers with a console and minibar to one side.

The rows are slightly staggered, however, and the trick is to get a seat with the console on the outside, which acts as a buffer between you and the aisle.

This was a two-leg trip. On the second flight I had one of the inside-facing consoles, and the feel was totally different. Window seats have thigh-level storage compartments along the side, similar to those in the upper deck of theand the two center seats have an electric privacy barrier between them.

Flight attendants hand out mattress pads for your bed, but for me it was plenty comfortable without one. But that just adds to the fun. The ICE system Information, Communications, Entertainment offers more than a thousand movies, television and music options, though a good number of them are Indian or Chinese selections.

The video screen is huge and crystal clear, with a comfortable set of noise-reduction headsets. At Emirates, as with Qatar see abovepassengers are served separately, and the whole thing feels random and confused, with flight attendants running to and from the galley with plates and trays.

I never knew for sure what would be next to arrive, or when. In the very back of the upper deck is a lounge. On either side of the lounge is semicircular, sofa-style bench seat.

Transfer at Dubai was a breeze. Terminal A is massive, and the lounge takes up the entire upper level. Boarding bridges lead directly from the lounge to the upper deck of the A You never even see economy class, or any of the economy class passengers. Emirates is one of only a few carriers to have developed its own proprietary typeface, which it uses in everything from its advertising to its inflight menu.

More airlines should do this kind of thing.

Big airline companies try to buy small ones to own the industry

Business class, Boeing Singapore Airlines has won more passenger service awards than any other carrier. This was it, the Big Kahuna. The Singapore to Amsterdam flight will take thirteen presumably blissful hours on a arranged in a super-spacious configuration.

The night prior, I was so excited I could hardly sleep. So how was it? It began pleasantly enough, with a warm welcome from the cabin crew. Malaysia Airlines crews wear these same dresses, colored slightly different.

Malaysia and Singapore were the same carrier until The seat is so big that I laughed out loud as I settled into the thing.

The seat-back unlatches and falls forward, like the rear seats in a car, creating a huge sleeping space. The problem is, in order to maximize room for sleeping, your leg space is offset from the rest of the chair. Lying flat, my feet faced toward the window, and my head toward the aisle.

Thus, if the seat is in the normal, non-bed position, the only way to stretch your legs is to aim them sideways toward that offset slot. My wine glass was taken before I could ask for a refill, and walk-throughs were so infrequent that I twice had to walk to the galley and ask for water.

This was the vaunted Singapore Airlines? The inflight Wi-Fi did not work, and no apology or explanation was given.On the road sounds pretty cool. Well this is the essence of travel.

If you have done it before, all this will sound pretty boring and obvious, like someone telling you how to get up and go to college or work.

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Jun 10,  · In Pictures: The 10 Best Travel Companies To Work For According to reports submitted by people in the travel industry between June and June , the best company to work for is .

May 26,  · And the airline continues to face obstacles to its growth. Virgin, for instance, has found it difficult to expand in big airports controlled by its rivals. The carrier tried for three years to get into Chicago O’Hare International Airport, where United and American Airlines own most of the gates and would not part with them.

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