A rhetorical analysis of george w bushs address to the nation

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A rhetorical analysis of george w bushs address to the nation

Posted on October 10, 4 Comments Chaos. As a nation we all remember a horrific time in our history that occurred over thirteen years ago.

An Analysis of President Bush’s Post- 9/11 Speech | Real Life Engineering

Though I was only five years old at the time, I remember the events of September 11, as if they happened yesterday. I remember my mom picking me up from daycare early because it was right near an international airport. I remember my grandmother desperately trying to contact my aunt, a flight attendant for US Airways.

I remember her crying of relief on the phone when we finally contacted her and found that she was safe. And lastly, I remember the president of the United States, telling me, a terrified five year old, that everything was going to be fine.

It swept over the nation like a blanket of safety, and provided a sense of security, no matter how brief, to a troubled country. In the midst of a troubled nation, President Bush effectively uses kairos, rhetorical appeals, and awareness of audience to provide a sense of security for those worrying about their country, a feeling of comfort for those grieving their loss, and a promise of revenge for those angered by the events of the day.

After the attacks of September 11,President Bush took the opportunity to assure his citizens that everything was going to be fine, and their country would march on together.

A rhetorical analysis of george w bushs address to the nation

However, just twelve hours before Bush gave this speech, it was just another beautiful September day in the states. Then at around 8: On the contrary, as the first attack was followed by three more attacks shortly after, the country tried to piece together what was going.

By that evening, most Americans were confused, angry, and devastated. At this point, Bush used kairos to his advantage and took the opportunity to comfort his nation.

A rhetorical analysis of george w bushs address to the nation

Had we waited any longer to give this speech, it might not have been as affective, due to the fact that Americans would have remained confused and in the dark about what was happening to their homeland. Furthermore, while the American people were confused, most of the nation was simply weighed down by insurmountable grief, to which Bush responded with a comforting message.

Of course, because Bush was the President- a historically symbolic position in the American government- he already carried a credibility with him, however he takes that a step further in this speech by using specific words and phrases to establish ethos.

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For instance, Bush repeats words such as our, us, and we to tell the American people that they are one body, and that he stands by them.

Essentially, both of these personas of President Bush provide him with a duel image: This really establishes his credibility because it makes American citizens trust him and listen to what he has to say. In addition, Bush utilizes logos to provide factual reasons why and how the country would remain strong.Rhetorical Analysis Essay In the speech, “9/11 Address to the Nation” former president George W.

Bush delivers a message to the American people and those around the world. Bush addresses the event to people all around the .

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Rhetorical Analysis In President George W. Bush’s speech to the American public on September 20, , Bush utilizes rhetorical devices to craft an effective speech. He uses an instructive and demanding tone, makes an appeal to Logos, and varied syntax.

Rhetorical analysis assignment: President’s Address to the Nation Since the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration has been calling every citizens and every nations to support his Middle East policy.

A speech is an address given to an audience on a variety of occasions and for a variety of purposes. Depending on the occasion and purpose, a speaker may aim to inspire or to motivate (half-time locker-room pep talks and college graduation speeches), to amuse (late-night talk-show comical monologues), or to inform (college lectures).

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